Thank you for visiting my web site! 

The emphasis of this site is mainly on costume design and costume              related subjects. Since I have also done so many other things in the entertainment business, I couldn't resist including these as well.

Here is my cyber business card, resume', and portfolio... Enjoy!

Quick overview:

* Custom costumes, alterations, patternmaking

* Knowledge of historical eras (Neaderthal to Present)  

*Dye-work, aging/distressing

*Experience with horror/blood FX, green-screen

*Research - Extensive personal library

*Custom theatrical drapery and backdrop repair

*Costume repairs and refurbishing

My approach to Costume Design and any new project is the same as my life’s philosophy:

Live with integrity, wonder, and joy!

Honor all past experiences for they are the foundation for the present and form the future.

Above all, have fun and make money doing it.

If this is something that you can relate to, punch the last button on the left and give me a call!